The benefits of implementing CSR in your ecommerce business

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Oct 04, 2022

Instagram is the fastest growing social media platform on the planet. Not only is it now the tenth most popular searched for term on Google, but it also has over one billion users logging in and using the platform every single month.

With such a vast user base, it is no wonder that it is quickly becoming a popular way for businesses to reach consumers and showcase their products. Of course, this is not a new phenomenon. Instagram gave birth to the notion of the influencer, and since its inception, brands have been using the platform to place their products directly into the palm of their potential customers.

However, in recent years Instagram has taken ecommerce to the next level, and the introduction of Instagram Shopping has transformed the industry. Nowadays, influencers and ecommerce businesses alike can now tag products within their posts, taking their followers directly to the relevant product pages and allowing them to purchase the product.

Can you sell directly on Instagram?

Yes! Since the introduction of Instagram Shopping, users are now able to buy products directly from the photos and videos that you share on your account. A recent survey revealed that 81% of ecommerce customers admitted that they use Instagram to help them research products and services, so having the ability to reach them directly can transform your ecommerce business.

The new Instagram Shopping feature lets you tag up to five products per single image or photo, or up to twenty products in a carousel post. When a user clicks on one of these tags, they will then be taken to the relevant page on your ecommerce site, giving them the chance to purchase the products directly from their phone.

You can also promote products directly through your Instagram Stories, letting you add a product sticker for the viewer to find out more information and make a purchase. Whether it is through your page, or your story, you will need to complete six core features on each product, including:

  • The name of the product
  • Relevant product images
  • A short description of the product
  • The price of the product
  • An appropriate link to your ecommerce platform
  • Related products that you offer

There are many benefits to setting up your ecommerce business with Instagram Shopping. One of the most significant is to reduce the steps necessary for potential consumers to reach the relevant pages on your site. Every day, consumers are bombarded with advertising, so by taking your store directly to their newsfeed, you will be able to improve overall User Experience and maximise the number of customers looking at your products.

Instagram Shopping also lets you enhance the overall shopping experience even further by allowing you to showcase the variety of sizes, colours and articles you have available whilst letting them proceed to payment, without them ever needing to leave the Instagram platform.

Instagram Shopping also lets you target your key audience directly. It is an innovative solution that enables you to talk directly to the people most interested in your brand, so it is no wonder that 65% of the best performing brand posts on the platform feature at least one product!

Instagram Shopping also lets you reach new customers by appearing in the Shopping Explore tab. This lets users with a high purchase intent browse through various stores and relevant products to their interest, so effective tagging of your posts and correct usage of hashtags can help to open up a vast new audience for you.

What are the requirements for setting up an Instagram shopping account?

Before you are able to open up an Instagram Shopping account, you need to first establish a Facebook Store. Instagram Shopping pulls the product information from Facebook, so ensuring the information is correct and up to date on there is essential.

There are currently two ways to set up a Facebook Store:

Creating a standalone shop

To do this, you need to go through your Facebook Business Manager account and follow the simple steps outlined. However, this would require you to run two separate ecommerce platforms, which can be very confusing and increases the chance of you making a clerical error as orders increase.

Connect your existing ecommerce site

This is often the more preferred option and requires the least amount of effort. By syncing your ecommerce page and Facebook Store, it will automatically list your entire inventory, saving you from having to complete each product listing manually.

By connecting your existing platform, you will be able to simply your orders and not have to worry about managing two inventories or stores, reducing the amount of time you need to spend on completing orders.

Once you have been able to set up your Facebook Store, you can then establish your Instagram Shopping page. In order to do this, you need to meet a number of criteria set out by the platform:

  • You can only sell physical goods, not services
  • You must comply with Instagram’s commerce policy
  • You must be based in a country currently eligible for Instagram Shopping (with more countries being added all the time)
  • You must have the latest version of the app downloaded on your phone

Once you have met these requirements, the next step is to convert your account into a business profile. This is a very useful process as it also gives you access to insights and adverts, helping you to improve your overall social media performance too.

To set up your business account, simply navigate to your settings on the app, and select the ‘Switch to Business Profile’ option. You will then need to link your account to your Facebook Business Page by choosing the ‘Linked Accounts’ option under settings.

Once these are linked, and your ecommerce store is connected to Instagram, then you need to wait for Instagram to automatically review your account. This can take a few days to occur, but when your account has been approved, you will receive a notification. From there, you can select the Facebook Store you want to connect with your Instagram account, allowing you to start tagging products in your post and Instagram Stories!

Do you need a business licence to sell on Instagram?

In order to be able to open an Instagram Shopping account, you need a valid ecommerce store, which requires you to have a business licence. Legally, before you can begin operating online and selling products to consumers, you are required to have a business licence.

The type of licence you require will depend on where in the world you are operating, the variety of products you will be selling and the overall needs of your business. Without one, you could face hefty fines and even have your business closed down, so it is important that you are aware of the laws and rules that govern ecommerce where you live.

Therefore if you are looking to operate an Instagram Shopping account, you will need to ensure that you have the relevant licences to operate.

How to apply for an Instagram shopping account?

Once you have met the requirements for an Instagram Shopping account listed above, you do not need to do anything. Instagram will automatically check that your profile meets all of the required criteria for an Instagram Shopping profile.

When you have been approved, you will receive a push notification as well as a traditional notification in the usual location, confirming that your account is now eligible for Instagram Shopping.

How long does it take to get approved for Instagram shopping?

This is often one of the most frequent questions that ecommerce businesses want to know. The sooner that you can start to retail and promote your products on the platform, the sooner you can increase your ecommerce sales.

Whilst some users have been approved within 24 hours, typically, it can take anywhere between two days up to two weeks – although it is unlikely that you will have to be waiting that long.

Why is my Instagram not eligible for Instagram Shopping?

There can be a number of reasons why your Instagram account is not eligible for shopping. Primarily, this is because you have not correctly linked your Facebook Store, or you have not switched your Instagram profile to be a business page rather than a personal page.

If you have correctly connected your Facebook store, ecommerce store and turned your profile into a business account but are still not eligible for Instagram Shopping, then you will need to troubleshoot further. To do this, ensure you thoroughly read the Instagram terms and policies, as it is likely that the products you are trying to tag do not meet the commerce criteria outlined by the platform.

If this is still not working, then you can try to reset the process by unlinking everything and restarting the process.

What do I need to be able to sell on Instagram?

In order to be able to start selling on Instagram, you need to have created a Facebook Business page and then established a Store. From there, you will need to either open your own Facebook ecommerce site, or connect your existing ecommerce site with your Facebook Store.

You will need to establish your Instagram page as a business page, which can be done by navigating to your settings whilst on the app.

How can I sell on Instagram without a website?

Although having your own website and ecommerce site helps to establish your brand identity and ensure your business can take the next step, not everyone has a website ready to go. In this instance, you might think that Instagram Shopping is out of reach, but that is not the case!

You can create your own Facebook ecommerce site and connect that to your Instagram page. There are also some more guerrilla tactics that you could use, such as contacting users directly or through Direct Messaging. There are also a few apps out there to help you do this, such as Like2Buy and Soldsie.

How do you get paid on Instagram?

As the popularity of ecommerce and Instagram Shopping grows, the platform is bringing in new and innovative solutions to make the process of buying the latest products even simpler. In America, the platform has launched Instagram Checkout, which lets some of the biggest brands in the world sell directly through the platform.

Although it is not yet available anywhere else in the world, it is an exciting step in helping businesses of all sizes create a smoother and more efficient process when retailing via the platform. Currently, however, the Instagram Shopping process will see the user taken towards your existing ecommerce platform where they will complete the transaction.

This means that you will be paid in exactly the same way as if the customer had purchased via your ecommerce site. The difference with using Instagram Shopping though, is that it allows the user to stay on their app and will not need to navigate away.

What products/niches sell best on Instagram?

Thanks to the popularity of social media, and in particular Instagram, it has revolutionised the way that consumers engage and interact with brands. Ecommerce has never been more popular, and many of the world’s leading brands are leveraging the power of Instagram to boost their profits and reach a whole new audience.

Yet with so many companies now vying for space on their followers’ timeline, it has meant competition is incredibly fierce. That is why, in order to truly benefit from the power of Instagram, it is crucial that your ecommerce business targets the right audience. There are many different products and niches you could sell using Instagram Shopping, but the most popular include:


Clothing and apparel are by far the most popular and most frequent products sold using the platform. Thanks to the abundance of celebrities and influencers, there is always someone able to showcase your products in the very best light and drive more consumers towards your store.


Equally as popular is jewellery. In the same way that brands are utilising influencers to showcase their latest fashion, they are also using them to promote jewellery as a must-have accessory.

Home decor

Trying to find the right inspiration for your home makeover has never been easier thanks to Instagram Shopping. Countless brands are now giving followers the chance to see the hottest new trends direct from their timeline.

Health Products

Instagram was once the place to share pictures of your healthy meal, but it has slowly evolved into the giant that it is today. However, people’s interest in healthy living has not diminished, and brands are now using the platform the showcase products designed to improve your health and vitality.

Beauty Products

Some of the most popular Instagram users also happen to be some of the most beautiful people in the world, so it is no wonder that beauty products are amongst the most popular and profitable niches on Instagram Shopping.

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