How to sell on Instagram with PayPal

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Nov 01, 2022

How to sell on Instagram with PayPal

When was the last time you scrolled through Instagram? Chances are it was within the previous 24 hours as an incredible 63% of people with an Instagram account will log in at least once a day, whilst over half a billion users will post a picture or Instagram story every single day.

As the fastest growing social media platform in the world, it is no wonder that Instagram has become a leading tool for businesses to market their brand and reach both existing and new customers alike. It is not just a marketing tool though, global organisations and small ecommerce businesses have been able to expand their profits by using Instagram to sell their products.

Instagram is predominantly a social media platform of the young, with 71% of users being under the age of 35. This is an important statistic for brands, letting them target the younger demographics, which means ecommerce businesses retailing the latest fashion trends, jewellery and health products are the most successful.

How do you sell products on Instagram?

There are many different methods of selling your products through Instagram, but Instagram Shopping is the most popular method on the platform. Since it was introduced in 2016, the Instagram Shopping option has steadily grown, and now every month, 130 million people click on a dedicated shopping post to find out more about a product or to navigate towards the retailers’ website to purchase it.

In order to set up an Instagram Shopping page however, you need a Facebook business page as well as a website or ecommerce site. There are other ways for small businesses to retail on the platform though, with some of the most popular methods, including:

Through Direct Messages

This method sees businesses use the direct messaging feature of the platform to speak with customers directly. This is particularly useful for smaller companies who have the time to engage with each interested customer manually.

Through Comments

A similar method of selling on Instagram is to use the comments section of your posts. This method can be done manually, or through an automated service such as CommentSold, but the process is similar and sees users commenting on the posts of products that they wish to purchase and then being provided with a link to complete payment.

Through Hashtags

The third most common method of selling on Instagram is to utilise select hashtags to showcase your products to consumers. Working in a similar process as selling via comments, using hashtags to sell your products on Instagram does require a third-party application in order to provide interested consumers with a link to complete the purchase.

Whilst most ecommerce platforms will have a built-in payment processing method for you to utilise, if you are looking to sell solely through Instagram, then you will need a way for customers to safely and securely pay you.

Why use PayPal

One of the best ways of completing payments with your customers is to utilise the online banking giant PayPal. Since its launch in 1998, the California-based company has grown to become one of the largest online payment processors in their world.

Thanks to their global stance, it ensures your consumers will have complete peace of mind that their transaction is legitimate and will guarantee that your business can swiftly receive the money it has earnt. There are a number of reasons why you should use PayPal, but the most common include:


Every PayPal account is linked to a real bank account. This ensures that each transaction is secure, whilst customer financial information remains encrypted and safe.


PayPal also lets you offer your customers more flexibility with how they pay, ensuring they can use which method they prefer to transfer funds.


PayPal is also very quick, and payments can be completed within seconds, requiring just a few clicks of their phone screen.

It’s free

The most significant benefit, however, is that it is completely free and features no membership fees, processing fees or service charges.

How to set your PayPal account up to sell on Instagram

Alongside offering you a number of benefits when selling on Instagram, PayPal is also very easy to set up. If you are thinking of selling products through your Instagram profile, then you can start using PayPal in five simple steps:

Create your PayPal account

The first step that you need to do is to create your own account with the online payment provider. This is very simple to do and can be done by simply visiting the website. You will be given the choice of establishing a personal account, which will provide you with a dedicated PayPal ID, or you can create a business account which will give you a PayPal.Me link.

Personal or Business?

Both options are a viable solution for your business, however if you opt for a business account, then utilising the PayPal.Me link is a quick way of ensuring multiple customers can pay you using the same link. With a personal account, you will need to create a manual link for each customer and product sold.

How to create your PayPal.Me link

It is very simple to create your PayPal.ME link, and this can be created quickly through the PayPal website. To do this, you need to click the ‘Send and Request’ option on your profile and then select the ‘Get Your PayPal.Me link’.

From there, the platform will take you through the necessary steps to create the link and will give you the option to personalise it, making your business appear more professional.

Share the link with your customers

Once you have created this, you can then share the link with potential customers. This will let them place orders with you for the products that you are selling through your Instagram channel.

This is a personal way of engaging with your customers, so it is important you strive to give them the very best service possible to turn them into repeat clients. A PayPal.Me link is a swift method of payment and means neither party has to share sensitive financial or contact information.

How payment is made

Payment via PayPal is very swift. The customer will be able to either enter their card details on the PayPal platform or choose the bank account they wish to pay from. Once they have done this, you will then be sent a notification to inform you that the money is now in your account, allowing you to complete the order.

The Kuber way…

Utilising PayPal to make payments is a great method if your business is just starting out. However, as you grow and you enjoy more customers, this can become a very time-consuming process and increases the risks of making a mistake or missing customer orders.

By using an ecommerce platform, it will help your business to process more orders and can let you expand your empire. Setting your company up on an ecommerce platform can seem like an expensive and complex process, however here at Kuber, we do not believe that should be the case.

We are the world’s first ecommerce platform that comes with an in-built CSR, and we believe that there should be a more accessible, responsible and smarter way of working. Our mission is to help you grow faster, whilst making a positive change to the world too. We have partnered with IMPACT to create a process that sees a portion of the commission raised (at no expense to you or your consumers) converted into beneficial outcomes.

Our dedicated team is here to help you take your business forward by acting as the “missing link”, supporting your company as a dedicated and highly experienced strategic partner. No matter whether you are starting out, or are an established ecommerce business, our team will work with you to provide a truly bespoke service built around your needs.

Utilising proven marketing strategies, Kuber will help you boost your business at every stage of the customer journey. From attracting new customers, keeping them engaged, converting website visitors to retaining customers, we will show you the tools and techniques to take your company to new heights, increase your sales and maximise your profits.

So if you are thinking of launching your own ecommerce business, or you a struggling to keep up with the orders you are making through your Instagram channel, Kuber Digital is here to help you. Want to find out how we can help you? Get in touch today!